Algerian Gets Patent On Building Pyramids?

from the say-what-now? dept

Someone who prefers to be anonymous passed on this short, and not very detailed blurb, claiming that a doctor in Algeria, Assia Bennouar-Abdedaim, figured out "the secret of pyramid building techniques" and has now received a patent on it. Again, the description is lacking in a lot of details, but it says the patent was granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property, but that the doctor also "received recognition" from WIPO for the patent. It also says that both organizations were initially skeptical, but have since been convinced. Unfortunately, the reporting does not give any details for what's actually in the patent -- or if it's some sort of new method for building a pyramid. Of course, the claim that this was uncovering "the secrets" of pyramid building techniques certainly suggests it's not a new method at all, which makes us wonder why there should be any patent. Anyway, we look forward to someone presenting some of the pyramids of Egypt as prior art.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 29 Dec 2010 @ 9:55am


    does it? did you know how they built them ?

    So that is at least one person with no, ZERO prior art, do you know anyone else how knows how to make them ?

    Do you know anyone who knows how to make them, do you know of any prior art showing the method of construction that you can present to a court ?

    Sure, as arts to, it doesn't get much LESS than that, does it?

    If there is so much more prior art, then you will easily be able to show us that right ? oh wait. you cant ???? why is that??? I wonder ?

    Could it be that there is no prior art at all, and you are just being ignorant ?

    Prior art (how come I have to explain prior art on a web site like that ???? ), is HOW to do something, NOT that it was done "somehow".

    Don't you get that, Isn't there a little voice in your brain saying "wait up, something is wrong here this does not make sense"???

    Or is it you just do not grasp IP laws, patents and copyright ? or is it you just believe everything mike tells you. without questioning him on anything ?

    Are you capable of original thought ? forming your own opinions ? drawing your own conclusions ?

    or do you rely entirely on what Mike tell's you for you to for form you're world view ?

    Is that easier for you, it must be nice to have something to think on your behalf !

    Maybe nice for you but most people would consider that a nightmare, of the worst kind..

    Not being able to form your own conclusions, opinions, idea's, or creations without the assistance and guidance of make, and by using Mikes idea that nothing new can be created without directly stealing off others.

    that is not the case in the real world, and most independent thinmkers have worked that out.. But there are a few still around that think world war 2 is still going.

    and believe the earth is flat, and mike is the oracle of all things to do with IP laws.

    Therefore you give up your right of independ thought, and yeild to mike on everything.

    that would be hell. im glad it's you and not me !!

    sometimes you have to back up what you say with these things called facts.

    real facts, not what mike tells you.. think it might be a new sensation. It might even catch on !!

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