Algerian Gets Patent On Building Pyramids?

from the say-what-now? dept

Someone who prefers to be anonymous passed on this short, and not very detailed blurb, claiming that a doctor in Algeria, Assia Bennouar-Abdedaim, figured out "the secret of pyramid building techniques" and has now received a patent on it. Again, the description is lacking in a lot of details, but it says the patent was granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property, but that the doctor also "received recognition" from WIPO for the patent. It also says that both organizations were initially skeptical, but have since been convinced. Unfortunately, the reporting does not give any details for what's actually in the patent -- or if it's some sort of new method for building a pyramid. Of course, the claim that this was uncovering "the secrets" of pyramid building techniques certainly suggests it's not a new method at all, which makes us wonder why there should be any patent. Anyway, we look forward to someone presenting some of the pyramids of Egypt as prior art.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 29 Dec 2010 @ 8:59am

    Because something exists does not mean that method is prior art

    What a joke, so if you invent a new way to build a sky scraper, Mike or you are going to say "but skyscrapers allready exist, therefore prior art".

    You will look (correctly) like an idiot !!!

    For a prior art case you have to be able to SHOW THE FREAKING PRIOR ART, the the result of that prior art.

    You are trying to show A METHOD to do something, dont you get that ??

    You are not trying to show THE METHOD, can you see the difference. Or is that just beyond you ?

    so when the judge says, "ok, show me the prior art", what are you going to do ??

    Fly him to Egypt ? and go see !!!!! he will again say "ok, show me the prior art".

    Or, "show me the method you believe was used, that is the same as or very similar to the method propesed".

    Can you do that ??

    What are you going to say "we'll the pyramids were build SOMEHOW". so this patent application has to be right and wrong at the same time.

    But "SOMEHOW" is not "HOW".. and it does not even have to be "HOW" it was done, its simply "A way, or a method" for how it can be done.

    And for you or Mike to display such massive ignorance of the subject is amazing.

    If I were paying Mike to be a patent and copyright expert, I would have no choice but to fire him.

    He clearly, displays little or no grasp of the concepts involved.. or chooses to lie to make a point, but only succeeds in showing everyone who can think that Mike, is a joke and a laughing stock of the little corner of the tech world he pollutes.

    Yes, it does annoy me when I see such rubbis trying to pass for actual comment.. and that he expects us to belive it !!!!.

    Mike, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but certainly you cannot fool most people anytime..

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