Algerian Gets Patent On Building Pyramids?

from the say-what-now? dept

Someone who prefers to be anonymous passed on this short, and not very detailed blurb, claiming that a doctor in Algeria, Assia Bennouar-Abdedaim, figured out "the secret of pyramid building techniques" and has now received a patent on it. Again, the description is lacking in a lot of details, but it says the patent was granted by the National Institute of Industrial Property, but that the doctor also "received recognition" from WIPO for the patent. It also says that both organizations were initially skeptical, but have since been convinced. Unfortunately, the reporting does not give any details for what's actually in the patent -- or if it's some sort of new method for building a pyramid. Of course, the claim that this was uncovering "the secrets" of pyramid building techniques certainly suggests it's not a new method at all, which makes us wonder why there should be any patent. Anyway, we look forward to someone presenting some of the pyramids of Egypt as prior art.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 29 Dec 2010 @ 8:19am

    Re: Er... yes, this is exactly the thing Mikes needs to be called on.

    yes it is,, to say there is prior art is just stupid, sure the pyramids were build, but exactly how is unknown, therefore no prior knowledge, so how can someone today, take that prior knowledge (that does not exist) and base a modern day patent on it ?

    How can YOU take that 'seriously' ?

    To defend prior knowledge in court, you actually have to have the prior knowledge.

    And guess what ???,, you do not have it, so how can you say THAT particular method of building the pyramids is based on prior knowledge..

    And how can you say 100% for sure, that the method to build all pyramids or ALL types, were build using the SAME METHOD ?

    Now, who, apart from you and Mike, do not understand what a patent is ?

    Mike, is supposed to host a web site dedicated to those subjects, and he displays such a massive lack of either understanding, or a willingness to lie to prove a point..

    Either way, if you think it is a good look for Mike, and worthy of you defending him on this, you also cannot be taken seriously....

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