Homeland Security's 'Evidence' For Domain Seizures Also Included Songs Sent By Labels

from the this-gets-worse-and-worse dept

We've already covered some of the serious problems with the "affidavit" filed by Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit, highlighting confusion about both how the internet works and the law itself. The affidavit was written by a recent college grad who appears to have little experience in the subject matter. What we had seen so far was only a partial version of the affidavit, covering the reasons for seizing Torrent Finder's domain. It was full of both technical and legal inaccuracies, which are troubling. The NY Times apparently got its hands on the entire affidavit (though, oddly, doesn't appear to offer it for download, as far as I can tell), and showed part of it to the operator of dajaz1.com, one of the sites that was taken down. The operator of the site notes that many of the examples used in the affidavit of infringing content were sent by the record labels themselves, and he showed the NY Times reporter the emails from labels sending the songs that were named in the affidavit. Hopefully the guy who operates the site has lined up competent legal help, because the more evidence that comes out in this case, the worse and worse Homeland Security/ICE is looking.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 20 Dec 2010 @ 12:09pm


    Trouble is the law does not work like that, you are not allowed to conduct an illegal business, even if you have a legal business as your 'front' operation.

    Surly, you must allready know this right ?

    Like its common sense, what you are trying to say is, as long as you have 'SOME' legal content on your web site, you should be forever immune from legal action for the rest of the content that is illegal.

    Do you really think the world works like that ?

    Do you think if you sold watches, as long as you also sold legal casio watches, you would be allowed to sell Rolex knockoffs ?

    Police "we can arrest him for selling fake Roxes watches, because he also sells legal non-fake watches as well".

    We cant bust that drug dealer, because he also sells used cars !!!.

    Just because you do SOME things that are legal, that does not make what you do that is illegal, any more legal than before.

    Mike, why dont you explain it, you know, how the law really works, instead of trying to create a army of people with just as little of a clue to reality as yourself..

    Why cant you explain to them, that just because you do one thing legally, does not give you a pass to then do other things that are illegal..

    We all know you hate the law, and want to promote people to break it, but do you honestly think that is the right thing to do.. to spend your life appoligising for criminals ?

    Not liking a law is no excuse for breaking it, or for inciting other to break it.

    Incitement is just as bad as the crime itself, and that is what you do Mike, you incite people to break the law, by providing 'justification' for their actions..

    its sad really, especially when you complain about people who have real jobs, and how have made a bigger difference in a short time, than you appear to have done in your entire career.. talking about you Mike..

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