French National Assembly Approves Internet Censorship Law

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We were just talking about how Thai government officials were admitting that internet blacklists simply don't work, and along comes France's National Assembly to approve a law to set up a blacklist allowing the government to censor any website it doesn't like. The full law isn't passed yet, apparently, as it still needs to be approved by a variety of others before it becomes a law. There's also some hope that the French Constitutional Council would refuse to validate the law.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 18 Dec 2010 @ 2:53pm

    The funny part is that to some extent, blacklists do work, especially if they are properly aimed. Obviously if people want to find a way around them (such as VPN outside the country or similar) they can do it. But blacklists (especially of stuff like child porn) does go a long way to stop the casual viewer from getting to the stuff.

    Like any tool, it depends on the use, what is blocked, etc. The Australian example was excessive because they not only attempting to block the obviously illegal, but tries to take it one step further and use it as a moral standards tool. Few people will tolerate that sort of stupidity.

    Moves like this from governments may fail, but there is an underlying current that people need to understand: They are not going to tolerate a wide open, unlimited, and unregulated internet forever. Mark France down as another country who would want to do away with the anonymous nature of the internet.

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