French National Assembly Approves Internet Censorship Law

from the lovely dept

We were just talking about how Thai government officials were admitting that internet blacklists simply don't work, and along comes France's National Assembly to approve a law to set up a blacklist allowing the government to censor any website it doesn't like. The full law isn't passed yet, apparently, as it still needs to be approved by a variety of others before it becomes a law. There's also some hope that the French Constitutional Council would refuse to validate the law.

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    Riquin (profile), 17 Dec 2010 @ 6:11pm

    The Internet needs to be censored.

    It is a tool of the democratic forces and cannot be allowed.

    When the “Global Warming” scam came several months ago the Internet destroyed their science. Now is the TSA humiliation of citizens including the old and disable, women and children. Pictures of TSA taking advantage of these vulnerable citizens are displayed all over going viral. So it needs to disappear and fast.

    The Internet is creating too many headaches to the NAZI elite. They want you to have your news from ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, etc. Then you will see news like this: “In a recent CBS News poll, 4 out of 5 Americans supported the use of full-body scans.” ----- LIES, LIES and LIES.

    The way we are going we are not going to have another election and if we have one it will be totally controlled.

    Oh I forgot!! And …. If you behave and follow their instructions they will give you a nice brown shirt.

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