Interesting Timing: Senate Passes Federal Whistleblower Protection Bill

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We were just highlighting how the government is terrible at protecting whistleblowers -- with particular attention to the horrific treatment of Bradley Manning. As all of this is going on, it's worth pointing out that the Senate (apparently without much sense of irony) has passed a "Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act," which would seek to grant greater protections to government employees who blow the whistle on government wrongdoing. Of course, some have concerns with the new bill, in that it specifically weakens some protections for "the intelligence community," while increasing protections for other government employees.

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  1. identicon
    avenger, 17 Dec 2010 @ 2:36pm

    leaving nothing on hard drive to implicate you in these tough times

    for those that fear a hard drive with incriminating evidence because of a security leak use puppy linux. It lets you run the computer in Ram alone, it starts by loading the operating system in Ram and all is run in ram only. No need to mount the hard drive. If you need to save something you can save it to a thumb drive. When you shut it down all information is lost. Nothing on hard drive nothing to implicate yourself, that with a proxy setting for your network access leaves no trace of you on the computer. Newest distro is puppy 5.1.1. Available at www.distrowatch .com. Burn it to a disk, set your computer to start from cdrom and away you go.Completely free and easier than windows. If you wish to save the operating system it will save the info on a file on your hard drive , if not when its starts type in puppy pfix=ram it will ask info about resolution, language,time zone it recognizes your network card when you use the network daemon after start up. It recognizes your video card and tells you what will work. Why leave something that could get you in trouble on your hard drive. Its free, its efficient. I can run it on a 300mhz computer or a 2.6ghz computer which is what I use. Helpful hints for the new world we live in. Pass it around the os is only 120 mb, very small very quick. NSA uses a version of Linux. Not this one though.. All info you need is on the disk, if you can run windows you can run puppy linux. I have used for 5 years

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