Interesting Timing: Senate Passes Federal Whistleblower Protection Bill

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We were just highlighting how the government is terrible at protecting whistleblowers -- with particular attention to the horrific treatment of Bradley Manning. As all of this is going on, it's worth pointing out that the Senate (apparently without much sense of irony) has passed a "Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act," which would seek to grant greater protections to government employees who blow the whistle on government wrongdoing. Of course, some have concerns with the new bill, in that it specifically weakens some protections for "the intelligence community," while increasing protections for other government employees.

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    Hilary (profile), 17 Dec 2010 @ 3:18am

    Re: Whistleblowing vs. Treason

    I had a USA Navy person stay at my home under the billeting program, they were on a WESPAC. He told me that six month prior he had be caught driving a copious amount of dope across the Mexican boarder. His brother was the dealer, but he was getting to much attention at the boarder (prolly paranoid)so sent him instead.
    When he went before the Judge after after he was busted with his brothers dope, the Judge gave him a ultimatum, 5 years prison OR 2 years military.
    He chose the later, obviously, he couldn't believe that 6 months in he was sitting on a beach having a 'cold one' with me and my family.
    It was a successful program for him I guess, I did wonder however, how many it's NOT a successful program for and how many members of the US military are actually ex criminals.

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