DailyDirt: Remember When 'Wireless' Just Meant Radio?

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The internets are flooded with iPhone on Verizon commentary -- and the buzz probably won't die down until people actually start using the phones. Until then, we'll be ignoring all the debates over whether or not it's a fatal flaw that CDMA won't let you talk and surf at the same time. As Louis CK says, "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy." Anyway, here are some quick wireless articles that remind us that these radio-powered gadgets always have room for improvement.
  • Got antenna problems? Perhaps solid-state plasma antennas will be the answer. This kind of antenna definitely won't be exposed on phones -- and it's a bit ominous that this technology is also being developed for "pain beams" by the military. [url]
  • Verizon's modem hand-offs from 3G to LTE can take two minutes. Clearly, the solution to this problem is to just upgrade everything to LTE. [url]
  • T-Mobile is trying to get 4G speeds with 3G equipment. Hopefully, the alphabet soup of wireless acronyms will be completely obsolete in a few years. [url]
  • To actually make reliable calls, perhaps we just need wires still -- and have femtocells to let people go cordless. The femtocell workaround seems like a strange kludge... you really have to love your cellphone to set up a dedicated 5-bar area for it. [url]
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    1. identicon
      Anonymous Coward, 12 Jan 2011 @ 5:57am

      "But the new antenna, called Plasma Silicon Antenna, or PSiAN, relies on existing low-cost manufacturing techniques developed for silicon chips. It has been developed by Plasma Antennas of Winchester, UK."


      I 'm actually surprised that this kind of innovation is coming from the U.K. Shows they at least still have some innovative potential. Of course it's not coming out of the U.S. , we're never at cutting edge of technology anymore. Now most of our innovation consists of patents on ideas that were copied from other countries. I was reading about the latest camera pill the other day and guess who developed it? Japan. The only thing the U.S. is at the cutting edge of these days is IP litigation.

      The U.S. used to be innovative at one time. but now we're just litigious.

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