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'Her Morning Elegance' Artists Create Elegant Reason To Buy

from the use-the-unlimited-resource-to-sell-the-limited-resource dept

In 2009, Oren Lavie shared this beautiful stop-motion animated video for his song Her Morning Elegance:

So far it's been viewed over 16 million times on Youtube. How does an artist convert all of that popularity into cash? In this case, by offering a limited edition of ONE print of every single frame of the movie, signed and numbered, for sale. According to the gallery website, 335 prints have sold so far, leaving 1761 available out of 2096 total. The earlier a collector buys a print, the wider the choice of images are available to them. From the site:

Her Morning Elegance music video has become a Pop Culture phenomena and the most successful stop motion video ever, nominated for the 52nd Grammy Awards.
It was assembled from 2096 still photographs that were shot and sequenced to create the sense of movement.

After going from stills to motion the artists have decided to break the video down into its original photographs, printed in physical form and exhibited in galleries worldwide. Today you can own one of these prints and have a fraction of the video itself in your home.

These single edition signed and numbered photographs are offered directly by the artists. We invite you to visit to the gallery and choose your favorite.

Like the video, this model is elegant in its simplicity. Clearly something like this will only work for a very popular video. But I've heard complaints that "popularity means nothing" if a work is free - this shows that isn't true. Another thing I like about this business model is it gives purchasers a very strong connection to the work. It's CwF + RtB at the same time.

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    Ron Rezendes (profile), 16 Dec 2010 @ 9:24am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: ONLY $87,000

    I think you've run too fast into the forest and bumped your head on a tree!

    Aside from the already completed sales I believe that there is also a marketing value in having your art on display in various venues which you don't seem to be willing to accept in your "bottom line" analysis. The sales (you claim) are from a window of opportunity that has already closed however you offer no support for this claim and seem to ignore all other factors such as: "When did these sales start?" - if it was a week ago that $87k looks like a great start, even if it was six months ago it's a nice bump to the revenue stream - but you only state the fact that the video is from last year. How very short sighted of you.

    "It may or may not be worth it to the artist in some non-monetary way, but as a business model (which is what is being discussed here) it doesn't appear to be a money maker."

    Wow - REALLY? Where did you get the idea that this is the sole focus and business plan for this artist? Do you not understand this is merely one project and not a be all end all business strategy?

    Your myopic views and narrow-mindedness are one of the main problems artists are dealing with these days when the old school media companies try to bottom line every project on a stand alone basis, rather than view the ever increasing music/art market that doesn't necessarily care if the gatekeeper EVER gets paid for not actually having the talent to produce something.

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