Lieberman Praises Companies Helping Him Try To Censor Wikileaks

from the censorship-is-the-in-thing dept

This should hardly comes as a surprise, but Senator Joe Lieberman has apparently put out a statement, along with Senator Sue Collins, praising companies for following through on their political pressure to try to censor Wikileaks, calling them "good corporate citizens," and saying that people should support those companies for their willingness to bow down to government pressure. Yeah, okay. Even the press reporting on this seem to think Lieberman is simply making stuff up. Witness this paragraph from Wired:
"The WikiLeaks data dump has jeopardized U.S. national interests and the lives of intelligence sources around the world," Lieberman said, though there is no proof or even detailed allegations that the release has endangered any intelligence source.
Lieberman apparently wants the world to believe that censorship is okay because "this is no time for business as usual." It appears that Lieberman really wants to go down in history as the Senator who favors censorship of the press and US companies. Quite a legacy.

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Companies: amazon, mastercard, paypal, visa

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Dec 2010 @ 6:21am

    It was only a matter of time before our politicians got jealous of China power over it's people and tried to do the same to us under the guise of National Security. The tighter your grip, the more people will slip through and revolt. Hopefully our government is paying attention to Britain right now. There are currently riots in many countries and it is only the beginning as the Rich get more selfish and the Poor (the majority) have to take what they need to survive. I want to picket and block the entrances to all of the rich gated communities and stop the rich from driving their Mercedes for a few hours. See how they like being without a car. All we need are a few truckers to just park their truck, block the road and leave. Maybe drop a load of garbage at the gate and leave. I bet the Police come out in force for that. If you block my entrances the Police wouldn't even pay attention. The rich and Wall Street get more and more breaks and continue to drive up the deficit and the debt. Is it time for revolution yet?

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