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Watching robots in action is far more entertaining than just reading about what robots can do. That's mostly because there's always a slight chance that the robot will "go crazy" and do something totally unexpected (and usually destructive). We haven't included any destructive robot videos here, but the following links are all pretty interesting robot projects:
  • Don't taunt robots that handle knives and de-bone hams for a living. The HAMDAS-R ham de-boning robot makes an excellent gift for the holidays -- if you happen to be friends with an industrial ham processing plant owner. [url]
  • Smarter cars could play follow-the-leader on highways. Relying on a robot driver, even if it's following a human driver, seems a bit too risky still. [url]
  • A bipedal robot, that runs like people do, uses "pneumatic muscles" which mimic human legs. This robot looks like it still needs to learn how to walk first. [url]
  • The world's first badminton robot doesn't seem to want to show off its moves too much. Its shyness is probably due to the fact that it's literally a one-dimensional player -- it can only move back and forth along a line. [url]
  • Playing air hockey against a robot arm looks like more fun. But after a while, it probably isn't much fun to play against a "perfect" air hockey defense. [url]

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