Want To Know Why Visa & Mastercard Cut Off Wikileaks? Because Its Latest Leak Was About Them...

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Visa's slogan used to be "Everywhere you want to be," but apparently one place it did not want to be was on Wikileaks. We've already covered how both Visa and MasterCard cut off Wikileaks quite quickly, with MasterCard even going so far as to claim that it did so because of illegal activity by Wikileaks -- despite no charges or convictions for any actual illegal activity.

Just a day later, it seems, we may have some new insight into why this is. Chris Rhodes was the first of a bunch of you to send over the news that the latest cable leak shows that US diplomats worked hard on Visa and MasterCard's behalf in Russia, where the Russian government was working on a new national payment card system, that would likely deprive Visa and MasterCard of transaction fees in Russia. Convenient timing.

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    DarkHorse (profile), 9 Dec 2010 @ 12:24pm

    Wikileaks and Assange have illustrated just how the internet and technology can be a double-edged sword. It can educate tremendous quantities of people on social issues in the twinkling of an eye. Also, it can ferret out the underhanded dealings of corporations, agencies, and political nitwits.

    When you expose powerful people's secrets, they retaliate. Bankers and political hacks live in their own world where people bow and scrape at their feet. When people like Assange show the entire world what they have been up to, it makes them livid! It does not make them honest or above-board.

    Just look at the current state of affairs in Washington, DC. Congress and it's associated buffoons simply do whatever in the hell they want without regard to the desires of their constituents. They spend vast sums of money, running up monumental debts, in order to pay back those that donate large sums to their easily pillaged campaign coffers.

    Assange has done the world a favor by peeling back the layers of camouflage that hide the obvious from the public. Actually, we are smart enough to know there is something rotten in DC, by to actually do anything to fix it would interfere with our evening TV show schedules. "Dancing With The Stars" is far more important than fixing America.

    Now we know with certainty that we are dupes. So, what's next?

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