Want To Know Why Visa & Mastercard Cut Off Wikileaks? Because Its Latest Leak Was About Them...

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Visa's slogan used to be "Everywhere you want to be," but apparently one place it did not want to be was on Wikileaks. We've already covered how both Visa and MasterCard cut off Wikileaks quite quickly, with MasterCard even going so far as to claim that it did so because of illegal activity by Wikileaks -- despite no charges or convictions for any actual illegal activity.

Just a day later, it seems, we may have some new insight into why this is. Chris Rhodes was the first of a bunch of you to send over the news that the latest cable leak shows that US diplomats worked hard on Visa and MasterCard's behalf in Russia, where the Russian government was working on a new national payment card system, that would likely deprive Visa and MasterCard of transaction fees in Russia. Convenient timing.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 8 Dec 2010 @ 11:34pm

    boy this site kills you for plugin use...lite version anyone an opt out of garbage?
    anyhow sorry mike but is there a opt out....

    news from various points in the world

    CANADA: visa was still down at time of writing , mastercard mostly back up.

    UK both down and have been a while.
    USA both down.

    i spent most of the night communicating to actual hackers keeping things a bit level headed making sure that they don't take moron comments the wrong way and that's its largely the ignorant adn htose with stuff to hide that will cause this to get out of control.

    THAT being said should the world get uber stupid there isn't enough hackers with all the govt's combined that could stop the real hackers.

    I was actually pleased of canada's govt website cbc allowed nearly uncensored discussion on this subject for a change and it may be why things let up in canada....
    WE do get to speak out minds here more, and 70% do not like hte current pm.

    While visa and mastercard are getting whacked all day this guy becomes a rock star ( see cbc website)
    At least he didn't over react, in that its the first thing harper may have done that doesn't show a bad move.

    Also its verified that one of his accusers has ties and has worked as a junior cia agent...THIS won't end good for the USA....it should stop before the world gets ripped a new butt hole.

    and daryl be careful

    "WikiLeaks is a non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important news and information to the public."

    NON PROFIT....nice try throw the FUD elsewhere.

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