So WikiLeaks Is Evil For Releasing Documents... But DynCorp Gets A Pass For Pimping Young Boys To Afghan Cops?

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One refrain we keep hearing against Wikileaks is that the cable releases aren't really "whistleblowing," because they're not really revealing anything. However, it seems like each day there's another big revelation of rather horrible things being done (and covered up) by the US government. The latest, pointed out by Boing Boing, involves a report from a cable that US-based private security contractor DynCorp, who was hired by the US to train Afghani police, was apparently supplying drugs and young boys for a sort of sex party.

The details are horrifying. The Afghani interior minister apparently went to US officials to warn them that reporters were sniffing around this story, and urged them to try to kill the story. He specifically warned that this would look bad if the connection to DynCorp was made clear (he called them "foreign mentors"). Apparently, US diplomats told him not to worry, and the eventual story was in fact watered down greatly (until now, of course) calling the whole thing a "tribal dance," rather than a party where young boys wear "scanty women's clothes" and "dance seductively" before being "auctioned off to the highest bidder" for sex.

Oh, did we mention that DynCorp makes $2 billion per year -- 95% of which comes from American taxpayers.

And US government officials are declaring Wikileaks as an organization to shun and not to work with? What about DynCorp? Are their DNS providers pulling the plug? Are their banks shutting down their accounts? Are they being denounced by Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman? No? Why the hell not?

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 12 Dec 2010 @ 5:30pm

    Its an afgan tradition, nothing to do with the US..

    I saw a documentary on this, it has nothing to do with the US, and the "pimps" are afganis, and the 'prostitutes' are volentary, and they ARE DANCERS ONLY..

    there is simply NO WAY, that a US citizen, would be able to "assume the role of a pimp" in this situation..

    This article has been writting by someone, (again), that does not HAVE A FREAKING clue about what is actually happening.. and who does not care to find out...

    So there IS NOT WAY in the world, that the US would be "pimping" these kids...

    It is part of afgan culture, again, it has nothing to do with the US, it has been happening for thousands of years there, well before the US even existed..

    And mike you know how bad it is when you have to refer to other "crimes" in an attempt to mitigate something else that you support...

    The US in afgan, got a 'PASS' for the simple fact, they did not break any laws.. Those 'dancers' have been doing that for thousands of years, they are volentary, well looked after, protected... it would not be possible for a non-afgan to have any control over them.

    And US laws do not apply there, so if no law is broken, and the US can easily prove they were not the "pimps", (easy to prove as its not possible).

    Then what can they be charged on Mike ??? NOT breaking a law ??

    But trying to compare assange with US military, is a joke, ,and reflects your lack of knowledge of the real world..

    Like your stupid claims that the US would be cheering if Assange was attacking China..

    You are a fool if you think China and the US do not have a VERY VERY VERY close relationship..

    Who the hell do you think PAY you guys in the US for the last 10 years or so ??

    Not freaking yourselves, you cant even balance your books !!!..

    So no each US citizen man, woman, or child, own China at least $30,000 each.. EACH....

    China does not have to bomb the US to destroy it,, it simply just has to ask for its money back...... now..

    America could not pay, so china would say ok, we'll seize your assets, or your country as well need some more space..

    And dont try to attack us, because we'll also stop paying your military, and funding your continuous wars, against nothing..

    Or china will just one day say, we are sick of lending your money, go screw yourself, you're not getting any more..

    Result, America collapses.. which it will anyway,, its just a matter of time. if not allready..

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