Someone Should Tell The State Dept That The State Dept Is Hosting World Press Freedom Day

from the left-hand-meet-right-hand dept

Apparently all of the folks with an ounce of PR sense in the State Department were busy responding to Wikileaks issues. That's about the only explanation I can come up with for why the State Department still decided to push forward with its announcement that it will be hosting UNESCO's 'World Press Freedom Day' next May, right as it's been attacking Wikileaks left and right for showing how a free press really works. Of course, the other possibility is that whoever put out the press release actually hoped it meant freedom from the press for a day...

Of course, it gets even more ridiculous as you read the details of the press release:
The United States places technology and innovation at the forefront of its diplomatic and development efforts. New media has empowered citizens around the world to report on their circumstances, express opinions on world events, and exchange information in environments sometimes hostile to such exercises of individuals' right to freedom of expression. At the same time, we are concerned about the determination of some governments to censor and silence individuals, and to restrict the free flow of information. We mark events such as World Press Freedom Day in the context of our enduring commitment to support and expand press freedom and the free flow of information in this digital age.
Yes, "some governments"... like the US as it attempts to stifle Wikileaks. At the very least, this suggests a State Department that appears to be entirely tone deaf to the concerns over its response to Wikileaks.

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  1. identicon
    Chuck, 7 Dec 2010 @ 6:35pm


    Maybe I'm the only one who will say this, but there is a difference between a free press and flow of information and what Wikileaks is doing. Pointing out hypocrisy or shining light on shady contracts and dealings and such is all and well, but releasing classified intelligence documents that were illegally and treasonously obtained is irresponsible and dangerous. I hope that Assange rots in prison either for his current charges or any other charges because his behavior is putting lives at risk, along with anyone else who is conspiring to endanger lives (and you can't say that a list of targets and locations being openly published is not risking lives). I support a free press and flow of information, but all freedoms have limits and they usually involve your freedom encroaches on some other person's freedom, and I'd say that the freedom of the press usually ends when it encroaches on another person's freedom to stay alive.

    Also, for those who are insulting government employees, in my experiences, those pointing out the lack of intelligence of people or you've never met, interacted with, or know anything about or that make sweeping gross generalizations, usually are pretty inept and unintelligent themselves and in the bottom 50% of their own workforce (i'm not insulting anyone else, but in my experiences, i've noticed a pattern).

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