PayPal Latest To Cut Off Wikileaks

from the political-pressure dept

Over the weekend, Paypal became the latest company to cut off Wikileaks' account, saying that it was a "terms of service" violation -- the same excuse Amazon gave. Of course, Wikileaks had been using Paypal for quite some time before this, so it seems pretty clear that the reasoning was (yet again) political pressure put on American companies, threatening them for working with Wikileaks. What's funny about all of this, of course, is that it's only going to serve to give Wikileaks more attention, and drive up demand for competing services to these US companies overseas. In an effort to "stop" access to information that is widely accessible, all the US is really doing is (a) promoting that information more while (b) harming the reputation of American companies.

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    Chargone (profile), 6 Dec 2010 @ 12:39pm

    Re: Does paypal keep the money?

    actually, the one time i was going to pay for something using paypal, i actually read their ToS.

    they're quite sneaky.

    what it actually says is 'you give us money. we give you ownership of 'paypal dollars'. that is the product. transaction over'

    there is Nothing in it stopping them from taking your money and running. the ONLY thing that stops them is that then Other people would hear about it and not give them money.

    they've been known to freeze the accounts of religious organizations because the documentation the system produces for the sale includes the word 'jesus', which counts as proselytizing(i have no idea if that's the right spelling of the right word or not...) wonderful. too bad if it's simply the fact that the word was in the title of a book you sold someone and thus shows up on the receipt, or your organization has the word in the name... they freeze the account and are under no obligation to give you back ANYTHING.

    you could sue them, but you DID sign the contract agreeing to those terms. it's quite ridiculous.

    which is why i never did end up using paypal to buy things (well, except in instances where they were being used as a credit card processor... and even then i think the people using their service are silly)

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