PayPal Latest To Cut Off Wikileaks

from the political-pressure dept

Over the weekend, Paypal became the latest company to cut off Wikileaks' account, saying that it was a "terms of service" violation -- the same excuse Amazon gave. Of course, Wikileaks had been using Paypal for quite some time before this, so it seems pretty clear that the reasoning was (yet again) political pressure put on American companies, threatening them for working with Wikileaks. What's funny about all of this, of course, is that it's only going to serve to give Wikileaks more attention, and drive up demand for competing services to these US companies overseas. In an effort to "stop" access to information that is widely accessible, all the US is really doing is (a) promoting that information more while (b) harming the reputation of American companies.

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    Lance (profile), 6 Dec 2010 @ 8:17am

    Re: Re: Perhaps unrelated...

    I don't have a problem with there being oversight for the things you listed. In fact, I wish there was better oversight for many of the issues within the government. I do have an issue with Julian Assange setting himself up as the watchdog over governments and what secrets they have.

    His actions are taken without any accountability or responsibility. Who is he helping to protect? Who is he acting to benefit? So far, the only person that I see him actually trying to help is himself.

    I don't know the criminal statutes that may apply here. It isn't my business to know those statutes. However, I would bet that the attorneys for PayPal, Amazon and anyone else that has had "pressure from the government" applied to them can tell you what statutes might apply here.

    I'm glad that you find my reference to Bond films "worthless tripe." Your sincere contempt for my analogy gives me reason to smile, as I rarely get to see such an elitist attitude anymore.

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