PayPal Latest To Cut Off Wikileaks

from the political-pressure dept

Over the weekend, Paypal became the latest company to cut off Wikileaks' account, saying that it was a "terms of service" violation -- the same excuse Amazon gave. Of course, Wikileaks had been using Paypal for quite some time before this, so it seems pretty clear that the reasoning was (yet again) political pressure put on American companies, threatening them for working with Wikileaks. What's funny about all of this, of course, is that it's only going to serve to give Wikileaks more attention, and drive up demand for competing services to these US companies overseas. In an effort to "stop" access to information that is widely accessible, all the US is really doing is (a) promoting that information more while (b) harming the reputation of American companies.

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    Marcel de Jong (profile), 6 Dec 2010 @ 6:46am

    Re: Perhaps unrelated...

    Assange a James Bond supervillain? For what? Rape? No, that would make him the weakest Bond villain ever.
    For publishing these leaks? He's no more guilty than the New York Times and the Washington Post were (the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate Scandal respectively)

    Secondly, Wikileaks has yet to do anything that's illegal according to US laws.
    So, stating that as your reason to deny or worse close someone's account with your service is weaksauce.

    Thirdly, the Paypal account didn't belong to Wikileaks, but to a German not-for-profit foundation, that sympathized with Wikileaks and helped them out with the funding.

    Fourthly, the timeline is very suspicious, and it looks as if governmental pressure was used to get EveryDNS, Amazon and Paypal to close anything related to Wikileaks.
    Which sounds suspiciously like Stateside censorship to me.

    But if the US thinks that they can put this genie back inside the bottle, they've got another thing coming.
    More than 300 mirrors and counting, this is like the ending in V for Vendetta, where everyone who didn't side with the government wore a Guy Fawkes' mask.

    That insurance file is just that, insurance. Because I'm quite sure that Assange's life isn't safe anymore. By doing this, he makes sure that any opposing factor will not kill him outright. Especially with US public figures demanding his death, that's a handy thing to have, that insurance.

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