DailyDirt: Attack Of The Bioengineered Organisms And Clones

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We're getting closer and closer to creating designer life forms. People can almost build a single-celled organism from scratch, so we're not too far away (in terms of logical steps, not time) from intelligently designing our own little creatures someday. Instead of a "grey goo" nightmare, maybe we should be more worried about a "green goo" disaster. Here are some quick links to research that might lead to this unexpected biotech revolution:
  • Dolly the sheep has been revived again. Clones created THREE years ago in secret? Yah, nothing wrong with that at all.... [url]
  • Solar-powered hornets! Okay, these were discovered, not designed -- but it's just a matter of time before mad scientists start creating other solar-powered insects. [url]
  • Scientists have made bacteria with genes that can be used as logic circuits. Will Moore's law apply? Probably not, but self-assembled, exponential growth of a biological "chip" would be kinda cool. [url]
  • A mouse with two fathers still needs a mother to be born. But apparently, the rodents can be made with two genetic fathers or two genetic mothers. Weird family trees ensue. [url]
  • A human lung on a chip could lead to more "organ on a chip" developments. Great, now we can all breathe easier. :) [url]
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    1. identicon
      Anonymous Coward, 18 Dec 2010 @ 8:00pm


      Although not bioengineering it is biomimetic, is that close enough?

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