No Surprise: Wikileaks Leak Shows US Entertainment Industry Wrote Spain's New Copyright Law

from the but-of-course... dept

This won't come as much of a surprise of course, but according to reports about some of the latest Wikileaks State Department cable leaks, it appears that Hollywood and US diplomats were behind the crafting of Spain's newly proposed copyright law. You may recall, of course, that Spain actually has a fairly reasonable copyright law. It says personal, non-commercial, file sharing is okay, and does not seem to agree with the idea that you should blame third parties for actions of their users.

Of course, that's resulted in Spain constantly being put on the "worst of the worst" lists by the entertainment industry and a media campaign by the industry about how awful Spain was when it came to copyright. How dare you have more reasonable copyright laws that don't criminalize everyone! Of course, it didn't take long for Spain to introduce new copyright laws that even local economists said would be bad for everyone.

So, of course it's no surprise at all that the US entertainment industry and US diplomats had a huge role in shaping the new laws. In fact, when the reports came out, we even titled our post on the subject "Looks Like Entertainment Industry Lobbyists Got To The Spanish Government." It's just that, now, thanks to these cables, this information has even more evidence behind it, showing that the MPAA and US diplomats were heavily involved in getting Spain to change its copyright laws.

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  1. identicon
    Darryl, 7 Dec 2010 @ 5:17am

    of course -

    by all means
    withou t a doubt

    This won't come as much of a surprise of course
    Nothing fits because you assume something wont come as much surprise !! .. why 'of course'..

    (using boingboing as a source is not what I would call responsible or factual)..

    You may recall, of course, that Spain actually has a fairly reasonable copyright law.

    We MAY recall, OF COURSE !!! .. how does that work, why again is it 'of course'. and if it was 'of course' why would it be "may recall".

    Of course, that's resulted in Spain constantly being put on the "worst of the worst" lists

    "of course" "constantly" "lists" please explain those terms.

    Were they puton the 'worst of the worst' list for serial killers ?
    Or the worst of the worst list for bank fraud ?

    Were they put on the worst of the worst list for petty theft ?

    Or the worst of the worst list for house breaking ?

    No Mike, they were not,,, of course.. obviously

    No Mike, certainly they were not obviously, or definitely or anything else.. they might of been put on a list for copyright breaches, that would be ONE SINGULAR list..

    As for stating the entertainment industry is seeking to influence the laws regarding their product, why does that surprise you Mike.

    Everyone does that, everyone looks after their own interests..

    To say that the victoms of a specific crime should not have a say in the laws that determine their future, and their ability to continue to create content, they have every right to do that.. and every right to determine, or work with governments and law enforcement to ensure that result.

    what are you saying Mike, that a group of people who are the focus of an illegal activity cannot have a say in their defense, and in the determination of laws and statutes to protect their assets, and their rights?

    Are you saying that the entertainment industry has less rights that other groups ? ok, if that is the case, would you like to define the structure about who has the rights to contribute in determining how society works, and how people can live, work and trade on a fair basis ?

    Who gets to make those decisions ? Would they just have to come and ask you Mike, is it OK for us to enact a specific law, that might benefit a certain group, if that group does not include you.. would that change your opinion about what is "right" and what is "wrong"?

    Perhaps you might want to look at some industries that do not have that form of protection. The classic one is military technology..

    You dont get to even know what they are doing until well after its done, and maybe not even then.
    They is because there is no way to protect their IP by laws or rules... They only have secrecy..

    If you take away copyright, you wont get access to more information, you will be access to far less information or content..

    As well, it will no longer be viable for content creators to create content.. So you will have no new products being created.. you're system of file sharing will fail, with no new content, all you can do is copy what you have forever...

    Wont that be fun.. of course not
    undubitably not
    definitely not
    indeed not......

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