TSA Told To Tell Children That Groping Them Is A Game... Horrifying Sex Abuse Experts

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Apparently TSA agents are being told that one way to handle the new groping pat downs for children is to try to make it out to be some sort of "game." This is apparently horrifying some sex abuse experts who point out that a common tactic in abuse cases is to tell the kids that they're just "playing a game." The TSA has said that the newer patdowns will not apply to children under 12, but the rules have been somewhat unclear -- leading to the statement from a TSA director, James Marchand:
"You try to make it as best you can for that child to come through. If you can come up with some kind of a game to play with a child, it makes it a lot easier."
He also said that the idea of making it a game would become a part of the TSA's training. Ken Wooden, who runs an organization to try to stop sex abuse of children was not pleased:
"How can experts working at the TSA be so incredibly misinformed and misguided to suggest that full body pat downs for children be portrayed as a game?" Wooden asked in an email. "To do so is completely contrary to what we in the sexual abuse prevention field have been trying to accomplish for the past thirty years."

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    jilocasin (profile), 3 Dec 2010 @ 9:53am

    Re: Now you see the _real_reason_ for the over the top patdowns....

    "Myself, I will be willing to step through a simple scanner check and avoid the entire patdown [sic] process."

    That simple sentence sums up the entire reasoning behind these _over_the_top_ 'pat downs'.

    The TSA knew that they couldn't _force_ everyone to submit to their enhanced, privacy stripping, humiliating, potentially health threatening new machines. If too many people opted out then there wouldn't be any reason to keep them.

    (I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the correct mix of authoritarian abuse and outright greed that lead to the installations of these machines to begin with.)

    It was no coincidence that these 'enhanced pat downs' showed up just as the TSA announced that these scanners would become the _primary_ new security mechanism. If they made the alternative to being scanned, uncomfortable, humiliating, and utterly horrific, then people would gladly submit to being 'scanned' just to avoid the pat downs. "Wayfinder" has shown that for a portion of the populace, things are working according to plan.

    The TSA's plan is no better than handing over your money, or being violated by a criminal if the alternative is getting shot. Worse, because it's the government that's violating us.

    "Isn't it much better to be violated by this machine than to let Bruno have his way with your wife and children. So few people have 'opted out' today and Bruno really enjoys redheads with braces. Oh... you've changed your mind... Bruno will be sooooo.. disappointed. Just step inside. Yes, now smile, your scan might make it into this years calendar edition. What? Oh, nothing.", says the friendly TSA supervisor.

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