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by Mike Masnick

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Company Claims Submitting Negative Yelp Review Violates Contract

from the well,-don't-sign-such-contracts dept

Patty points us to a Reddit post where someone claims that after posting a negative Yelp review, the company being reviewed threatened the reviewer with legal action, claiming that the review violated a contract that the customer had signed. The business apparently is one that repairs damaged hard drives or recovers data off of them. The customer was clearly not satisfied. Where it gets strange though is that the company claims that the negative review violates the signed contract. As per standard Reddit practices, the details of the company are redacted, so it's a bit difficult to dig into the facts here. However, it seems likely that this threat is more about getting the person to back down than any realistic shot at legal action. One would hope the company would realize that if it actually took legal action, that information would spread far and wide across the internet, and would probably do significantly more harm than any single bad review on Yelp...

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    Toya (profile), 30 Dec 2013 @ 2:26pm

    Do NOT do business with Epic Data Recovery

    I am the 'thug' that Epic Data Recovery is referencing. Not sure why he has labeled a college educated (go Spartans!) female from the suburbs of Detroit who now works for a major publication a thug. Any who…I'm not from an extortionist group trying to conspire to get money from him. All I want are my hard drives back that he has stolen. I have sued John Kasdaglis in civil court and will proceed to sue him in criminal court for theft of property. I have text messages, court documents and phone records as proof. I'm not here to go tit for tat with this horrible company. I just wanted others not to have experienced what I went to and lose years of important pictures, data and personal info.

    And I guess I'm supposed to be offended that he put my email and mailing address online. I'm going to need him to make up his mind. Am I a thug from Detroit or do I live in NYC. If you are going to lie on someone's character…please stick with the same one.

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