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by Mike Masnick

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Company Claims Submitting Negative Yelp Review Violates Contract

from the well,-don't-sign-such-contracts dept

Patty points us to a Reddit post where someone claims that after posting a negative Yelp review, the company being reviewed threatened the reviewer with legal action, claiming that the review violated a contract that the customer had signed. The business apparently is one that repairs damaged hard drives or recovers data off of them. The customer was clearly not satisfied. Where it gets strange though is that the company claims that the negative review violates the signed contract. As per standard Reddit practices, the details of the company are redacted, so it's a bit difficult to dig into the facts here. However, it seems likely that this threat is more about getting the person to back down than any realistic shot at legal action. One would hope the company would realize that if it actually took legal action, that information would spread far and wide across the internet, and would probably do significantly more harm than any single bad review on Yelp...

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  1. icon
    Epic Data Recovery Lab (profile), 26 Dec 2013 @ 9:05am

    For the sake of the Readers and defending this Company's reputation/Integrity, you force us to have to respond to your continued idiotic/defamatory comments.

    Another perfect example of the level of stupidity you possess ... for you to think that people reading this are "so-stupid"
    that you will be able to manipulate their perception/common-sense with your idiotic double-talk debate/rebuttal.

    For the sake of the Readers and helping you virtually hang-yourself (reputation-wise) by exposing your true-self,
    I will address your idiotic, defamatory, and disinformation propaganda which you posted in your response (above):

    "Odd way in handling complaints"?
    When a Criminal (like you) makes an attempt to Rob a Bank and he is on-the-run, the Police are not going to engage in
    an online debate as to why you were ("innocently") holding a gun to the Teller's head, and entertain your delusional
    false-sense of power in manipulation. Nor is the Bank going to consider reading and responding to your publiclly
    posted online-survey of how you think the Bank Staff treated you when you tried to Rob their Bank.
    (e.g. They shouted too loudly when you pointed a gun to them; or they didn't give crisp Hundreds, etc.

    You are the epitome of a Thug. A FLAT-OUT PATHOLOGICAL LYING Idiot/Extortionist, and we can prove it.
    You are so stupid that you knowingly engage in this criminal behavior while being a "representative" of some sort
    of online-marketing Company. Now either they are oblivious to your double-thug-life and malisious intent;
    or perhaps that is your business model. We here couldn't care less.
    In regards to your attack against our integrity: It takes one to know one.

    For you to suggest that these obviously fake sock-puppet defamatory-propaganda reviews are real and factual,
    shows your true-colors and malicious intent.


    Just because someone claims they work for a unrelated Company (e.g. Acme Paper. Inc.), doesn't mean that they actually do;
    and even if they do (in some way) work for that (non-relative) Company, that doesn't mean that they cannot have friends,
    friends of friends, or coworker's in the IT/Data Recovery Industry who would have an interest in annoying and sabotaging
    the business of a competitor out of Jealousy, or some sick/twisted form of entertainment... (e.g. Pranks).

    Others than the sheer malicious intent of an Extortionist retaliating against their victim for not complying with their criminal demands.
    Almost everyone knows that Data Recovery is not cheap (as Brain Surgery isn't either).
    AND DESPERATE PEOPLE DO DESPERATE THINGS to try to get the lowest possible price for the Data Recovery.

    Most of the time they try to Haggle as if they are buying a fake designer Bag in China-town; and if that doesn't work
    people (like you) try to Coerce/Extort the Service as a last resort.
    Yet, you rather play this stupid Extortion-Racket scheme when you claim you got a "50%" discount? Really?
    Doesn't that "point to something else entirely". I shouldn't have to point out that your posts virtually SCREAM "Rogue-Competitor".

    Either what you did was a Calculated Conspiracy to maliciously attack this Company's Integrity;
    and/or this is simply your retaliation since your attempts of Extortion and Coercion didn't fly the way
    your pin-head brain thought it would. This isn't our first Rodeo.

    At the moment dealing with REAL/Genuine Customer Cases and trying to help them is our First Priority,
    other than having Bigger-Rogue Fish-To-Fry. Rest assured that we will address all Criminal intent
    in their respected time and priority.

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