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Company Claims Submitting Negative Yelp Review Violates Contract

from the well,-don't-sign-such-contracts dept

Patty points us to a Reddit post where someone claims that after posting a negative Yelp review, the company being reviewed threatened the reviewer with legal action, claiming that the review violated a contract that the customer had signed. The business apparently is one that repairs damaged hard drives or recovers data off of them. The customer was clearly not satisfied. Where it gets strange though is that the company claims that the negative review violates the signed contract. As per standard Reddit practices, the details of the company are redacted, so it's a bit difficult to dig into the facts here. However, it seems likely that this threat is more about getting the person to back down than any realistic shot at legal action. One would hope the company would realize that if it actually took legal action, that information would spread far and wide across the internet, and would probably do significantly more harm than any single bad review on Yelp...

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  1. identicon
    Toya | The Limerick Lane, 2 Nov 2013 @ 7:39pm

    Epic Data Recovery Sucks! Do Not Take Your Goods There!

    Boy! I wish I would have found this article BEFORE I took my hard drive to Epic Data Recovery to get it recovered. I found the company on Yelp and it had great reviews (so I thought). I was unaware of 'filtered' reviews. This is where all of the REAL reviews live. To make a long story short. I took my hard drive to John Kasdaglis (Yes, I'm putting his government name on blast since I had to find his real name in order to sue him. He only signs the contracts with Jon.) He initially told me he needed to order another part for the hard drive. Instead of ordering anther part, I gave him another hard drive that I didn't use for parts. From September 2012 to January 2013 he gave me the run around on when he was going to complete the recovery. I told him if he could not fix it just let me know. I understood that I would have had to pay $90 for him looking at it. No big deal. But instead my emails and phone calls went unanswered until I left a negative Yelp review. In which he emailed me a cease and desist letter stating that I owed him $100,000K per each day the negative review was left on Yelp. Sir? He wouldn't answer my calls, emails or texts but he sends me that. So I ended up suing him in court and winning the maximum amount allowed. I don't have my money. Which I'm working on finding someone to put it on his credit report. I want this incident to be a reminder every time he tries to apply for credit. If you know anyone that can help, please reach out. Nor do I have my irreplaceable photos of my 99 year old grandmother or my nieces. It totally sucks, but I wanted to leave this comment to prevent anyone else from dealing with this crappy business. Also note, that I have had several people reach out to me via Yelp who have experienced the same problem. None of them has gone as far as to sue him like I did.

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