Mainstream Press Seems To Think Fighting For Civil Liberties Is Childish

from the oh-grow-up dept

We've already pointed out how many mainstream newspapers and magazines have been mocking the concerns of people who are upset by the TSA's new search procedures. And, of course, the latest is that the press has decided this story is over because not enough people (in their estimation) opted out of the naked scans last week. NYU professor Jay Rosen notes a related, but disturbing, trend in the mainstream press coverage, with multiple publications suggesting that it was somehow childish to suggest these machines invade privacy with little actual security benefit. The common theme in all of these reports? "Grow up."

I find this incredibly disturbing. No, perhaps, being scanned or felt up in this manner isn't a huge deal to some people, but is it really so crazy that some people are actually concerned about their civil rights? That some people are actually concerned about the efficacy of these scanners? That some people are actually concerned about where this leads to next? That doesn't strike me as being childish or immature. It strikes me as exactly the opposite: it's about adults recognizing that rights are being eroded and that it's happening with little evidence that the reasons given make much sense. Simply giving in and submitting to authority because of some bogeyman claims certainly seems a lot more childish than asking "why"?

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  1. identicon
    ChimpBush McHitlerBurton, 1 Dec 2010 @ 3:36pm

    Re: A motion (a movement? of the bowel variety?)

    Wow. So, we are to take from this that you never use arrogant or insulting terms? Like "Loonies" perhaps? Right, you're above that of course.

    What you think about what any of "us" want to be associated with has nothing to do with "us", necessarily...wouldn't you agree?

    Similarly to your idea of "our opinion"...which opinion is that I wonder.... could it be "your opinion" perhaps?

    I think you should rely more on your apathy and not get excited about one word, as it makes you come off as insulting and arrogant. Not that it's necessarily bad to be insulting or arrogant... hell, I do it all the time...

    It's just douchey to criticize something and then in the same breath, do it.

    Just sayin'


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