UK Police Takedown Website Telling Protesters How To Avoid Police... Article Reposted Everywhere

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Robw alerts us to the news of how the UK police were able to get a blog pulled offline for daring to tell student protesters how to avoid being arrested. The police claimed that this blog post was "attempting to pervert the course of justice" and ordered the webhost to shut down the site, which it did. So... in true Streisand Effect fashion, the article started reappearing all over the place. It was posted to dozens of blogs and on Facebook as well. In the act of trying to censor this basic information, police in the UK only served to get much, much more attention to it. Maybe next time the police should spend more time keeping the peace, rather than worrying about random websites.

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  1. identicon
    Dave, 20 Nov 2010 @ 4:06am

    Making up laws again

    Since when have the police got the authority to shut down a website? They are supposed to uphold the laws of the land, as decided elsewhere, not make up new ones as they go along. Whether something is "attempting to pervert the course of justice" is for a court and/or jury to decide. If the site owners are suspected of doing something illegal, due process should be followed. This smacks of the same problem of perfectly legal street photographers being harassed by police (and others) whilst engaged in their legitimate hobby. Police should be reined in a bit, in my opinion.

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