UK Politician Arrested For Being A Jerk On Twitter

from the enforced-niceness dept

Apparently using the same law that was used to convict Paul Chambers for making a joke on Twitter, a UK politician has also been arrested for making a stupid statement on the service. This time, it was because Birmingham City Councillor Gareth Compton suggested, via Twitter, that newspaper columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown "be stoned to death." Once again, this was a stupid thing to say, and it makes Compton look like a jackass. But should being a total jerk online be illegal? At least in the UK, that seems to be the law now, which means that police may be quite busy arresting various jerks who say ill-advised things on Twitter and Facebook for quite some time. Forget the "war on drugs." It looks like the UK has declared "war on online jerks."

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  1. identicon
    out_of_the_blue, 15 Nov 2010 @ 5:08am

    Such a law should certainly apply to a politician.

    Who is in a position to *legislate* violence in general, even if not the particular act. Our politicians must *give up* the right to shoot their mouth off, and publicly threatening a person or a country should land them in jail and out of office. -- I'm looking at you, Lindsey Graham, though you're not the only war-monger.

    But of course, *this* is merely one minor idiot run afoul of the increasing police state that he no doubt supports (they *all* do to some extent, else they wouldn't be in power, even if they're okay in some areas).

    Anyhoo, my thought for fixing such problems in general is to make the penalties about ten times higher when a politician commits the "crime".

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