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by Mike Masnick

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Once Again, Security Company Suggests Microsoft Making Its Own Software Secure Is An Antitrust Violation

from the rock-and-a-hard-place dept

For many years, we've pointed out that Microsoft is in a bit of a rock and a hard place when it comes to security software. The company more or less created an entire outside industry in having its software be so incredibly insecure that various other firms had to step up to secure it. But, that puts Microsoft in a really tough position. Does it fix its own security flaws... or is doing so a way to abuse its market position to put the security firms out of business? It's hard to see how that latter position makes much sense to anyone other than those who work for the security companies, but they continue to make those claims. The latest is from Trend Micro, who is complaining that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is an antitrust violation. The article linked here notes that this is even more ridiculous than you might expect, in that MSE is an optional download. Either way, it seems like a pretty huge stretch to claim that fixing your own security holes could possibly be an antitrust violation. The real problem may be that Trend Micro jumped into a business that relied on another company continuing to suck.

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    sniperdoc (profile), 12 Nov 2010 @ 12:35pm

    Give me a break

    This comes from an IT Director that had Trend OfficeScan on a network of over 230 workstations and found that Microsoft Security Essentials did a better job than Trend in keeping malware off of the systems.

    When we switched from McAfee 8.5 to Trend Micro's OfficeScan 10(?) we had a huge influx of systems infected with malware through drive-by installations such as the AntiVirus 2008-2010 bug. That bug was so tough that Malwarebytes wasn't able to remove it 90% of the time and because of this we re-formatted 100% of systems that came in that way.

    When I worked for the state, they were using Trend and it worked very well, but Trend has gotten extremely complacent. Their AV was extremely heavy, slowed systems down a lot, and even though it seemed to be scanning heavily, it wouldn't do an on the fly deletion of most drive-by bugs. It'd let them get to the temp folders and then sent out an email stating "Trend couldn't remove or quarantine X bug from C:\blahblahblah". What good is your crappy ass antivirus product then???

    Why should I pay over $4500 for a yearly license when your product doesn't stop squat!?

    MSE at least seems to be a decent on-demand virus scanner and according to AV-Comparatives was better than Trend Micro , catching 96.3% of bugs vs Trend's 90.7% and it's FREE!!!

    Trend Micro's product also had the highest incidence of false positives out of a test set of 1.2 million malware sample. Trend dinged 38 false positives vs MSSE at 3... THREE! Rhymes with FREE!!!

    You wonder why Trend is losing out to MSE...??? Really? You have to ask?

    AV Comparatives has four ratings: Advanced+, Advanced, Standard, and TESTED. MSE received the Advanced rating compared to Trend which only received a TESTED rating.

    AV Compratives Feb 2010 Report(pdf).

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