Shockingly Unshocking: More Wikileaks Competitors Pop Up

from the gee,-who-could-have-expected-that... dept

Just recently, we noted that the attempts by Wikileaks critics to try to "shut down" the site (or physically harm its leaders) were misguided, because it wouldn't take long for other sites to step up and offer the same functionality. In fact, there already are a few similar sites (with a somewhat lower profile). Now comes the news that some of the disgruntled former Wikileaks insiders are planning to create a new Wikileaks-like service. Who knows if this new project will be a success, but it certainly seems to highlight the fact that these kinds of sites are going to exist one way or another, and pretending that they can be stopped is a naive position.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 5 Nov 2010 @ 4:34pm

    The FBI has limited resources, and generally don't go after computer criminals at the moment. That said its not insane to think that just a few high profile leaks would cause them to stoop to stings and honey pots.

    They do it for child porn already.

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