Houston Votes To Turn Off Red Light Cameras; City Officials Trying To Figure Out How To Cancel Contract

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btr1701 alerts us to the news that Houston residents have voted to get rid of red light cameras around Houston. The vote was actually pretty close, with 52.82% wanting to ditch the cameras, and 47.18% wanting to keep them. Of course, the cameras might not disappear all that quickly. It turns out that the city -- which has made $44 million from the cameras -- has a contract with the camera provider that runs for another four years. There is a 120-day cancellation policy, so the absolute soonest that the cameras might turn off is four months or so in the future. However, the city is currently reviewing its "options." And, of course, any citation sent out while this is going on is still a valid citation, so Houston drivers shouldn't run around thinking that the cameras are already off.

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  1. identicon
    ASTROBOI, 8 Nov 2010 @ 6:32am

    Wretched cameras

    People sometimes think these cameras are catching lunatics that drive right through an intersection on a red light. Have you ever seen anybody do that? These tickets are written for drivers than hit a yellow light a couple milliseconds too late. Or for drivers that turn right on red without coming to a complete absolute stop. And sometimes for drivers that stop correctly for the red light but are a few inches over that white line on the road. Not exactly deadly menaces, eh? A cash strapped Ohio suburb I used to live in also voted the cameras out last week. Their favorite trick was to park their robo-truck on a steep downhill grade of a four lane divided highway that had been posted at 35 mph. Not a business, school, or even a sidewalk for a mile each way. Even then, they had to refund tickets they issued for drivers who didn't exceed the promised "safe error" of 10 mph over the limit. The real irony was that for every dollar taken from the residents, only 40 cents remained in the city for debt reduction. The balance went to Arizona.

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