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Judge Orders Limewire To Shut Down; Limewire Pretends It Can Still Exist

from the yeah,-ok dept

This is hardly a surprise, given the earlier ruling, but the judge in the Limewire case has now ruled in favor of the RIAA that Limewire needs to shut down "the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality." Basically, all of the functionality. Amusingly, Limewire is pretending it can still function without any... er... functions:
An important point of clarification, LimeWire is not “shutting down”, in specific regarding our software, we are compelled to use our best efforts cease support and distribution of the file-sharing software, along with increased filtering. And, that is what we are doing.
Of course, we've seen similar file sharing apps make similar claims when the judge's hammer came down, and they all went away. Of course, it's not like this actually means anything, other than the fact that people who want to file share have already moved on to other apps and services (mostly overseas) that are even less likely and less willing to work with the recording industry, and which will be that much harder to shut down. One by one, the RIAA has killed off the few firms that actually had an interest in trying to work with the industry, so everyone has gone to the groups that want nothing to do with the RIAA in any format.

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    Mike Masnick (profile), 27 Oct 2010 @ 5:41pm

    Re: Re: LOL

    Techdirt definition of trolling: anyone that makes a valid point that goes against the party line here.

    No, we're more than open to "valid points" backed up by evidence. However, people keep asking you for evidence, and all you return is insults. Tough to take you seriously that way.

    None of the examples any of you have ever given have worked for any lasting period of time. None. Zero.

    Well, considering most of the technologies that made them possible only came about recently, it's kinda pointless to demand long term proof. But, there is plenty of evidence that they do work, and as the technology gets better, there's no reason (at least you certainly haven't given any) why such models won't continue to work quit ewell.

    Eventually all those bands will either be unknown, unsuccessful or have to cease making music full time because they can't afford it.

    How do you figure that? The ones we've pointed out are making more money than they would have otherwise. Besides, as we pointed out the other day (which you never actually responded to), the VAST MAJORITY of people who went the path that you prefer ended up "unknown, unsuccessful or have to cease making music full time because they can't afford it." So your model seems just as bad. In fact, the evidence suggests your model is *worse* because it's a LARGER PERCENTAGE of bands that end up that way with your model, since it involves a much greater % of money going to third parties rather than the artists.

    You think you can pretend otherwise because you're ignorant of the realities of surviving as a musician.

    This is the silliest claim of all. JPJ seems to believe that only he knows the reality of being an artist, and all the ACTUAL artists who comment here or who we've done case studies about somehow don't count. In the meantime, despite multiple people asking JPJ still won't say who he is or what he does in th eindustry.

    There is no model that exists that can work when based around free music. Sorry.

    Other than all the ones that are working. No need to be sorry. Those who are embracing these models are doing great. You should try to join them.

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