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Judge Orders Limewire To Shut Down; Limewire Pretends It Can Still Exist

from the yeah,-ok dept

This is hardly a surprise, given the earlier ruling, but the judge in the Limewire case has now ruled in favor of the RIAA that Limewire needs to shut down "the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality." Basically, all of the functionality. Amusingly, Limewire is pretending it can still function without any... er... functions:
An important point of clarification, LimeWire is not “shutting down”, in specific regarding our software, we are compelled to use our best efforts cease support and distribution of the file-sharing software, along with increased filtering. And, that is what we are doing.
Of course, we've seen similar file sharing apps make similar claims when the judge's hammer came down, and they all went away. Of course, it's not like this actually means anything, other than the fact that people who want to file share have already moved on to other apps and services (mostly overseas) that are even less likely and less willing to work with the recording industry, and which will be that much harder to shut down. One by one, the RIAA has killed off the few firms that actually had an interest in trying to work with the industry, so everyone has gone to the groups that want nothing to do with the RIAA in any format.

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  1. identicon
    TDR, 27 Oct 2010 @ 10:21am

    Re: Re: Advocating Piracy

    You say "piracy" harms music, JPJ. Prove it. Give me a complete chain of causality with documented evidence for each step. Show me, if you can, how the sharing of a specific work directly impacts the artist in a negative way. Because there is tons of evidence - much of it collected here - that such an act in fact has the opposite effect, helping the artist rather than hurting him or her. Or have you never heard of free promotion and distribution before?

    You say "piracy" has only flourished due to lack of enforcement. Might I ask, then, what level of enforcement you would find acceptable, that you in your delusional state of mind might actually think could make a dent in what [b]hundreds of millions of people[/b] are doing. And how do you propose to prove they actually did what you accuse them of? There are any number of ways to be anonymous on the web, more than perhaps you realize.

    It would seem you are in favor of stifling civil rights and privacy rights and destroying true technological progress in order to preserve your outdated business model. So sad. You're obsolete, JPJ, you and your kind. You just don't want to admit it.

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