Sesame Street Recognizes That Advertising Is Content... On A Horse... Cow

from the i'm-on-a-horse dept

Earlier this year, we talked about the viral sensation of the Old Spice "I'm on a horse" ads, which have since morphed into various other successful campaigns:
Not surprisingly, this has created a ton of parodies and spoofs... but what I wasn't expecting was that Sesame Street would do its own parody of a TV commercial:
Now, it should be admitted that Sesame Street has been getting a bit edgier lately, with the whole controversy over Katy Perry's "appearance" with Elmo, and the whole "sexy" Sesame Street Halloween costume thing, but still I find this fascinating. While there are some who are worried about the role of advertising on children's TV, this seems to be an admission by Sesame Street in recognizing that ads are content too, and it can use that to its own advantage. Lots of people love the Old Spice ad, so why not play off of that to get some attention to its own work?

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