Once Again, Be Careful What You Wish For: China Learning To Use Other Country's Patent Systems

from the this-won't-end-well dept

For years and years, US executives, politicians and diplomats have been berating China for "not respecting intellectual property." And, all along, we keep warning that those same folks are not going to like it if China actually did what they're asking it to do. That's because all of these execs, politicians and diplomats are thinking with a very static view: that US patents and technology will continue to rule, and that China needs to respect those patents. And yet, as we've noted, that's not the case. China has ramped up enforcement of IP laws lately... but in almost every case it's been used to harm foreign companies (often US companies).

And now, Slashdot points us to the news that Huawei, the Chinese networking giant, has taken over the lead as filing the most international patents of any company. Just wait until American companies, whose execs complained about China "not respecting intellectual property," start getting sued in East Texas for violating Huawei's patents.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 15 Oct 2010 @ 4:30am

    People know this is going to happen and those dumb people in Washington will let it happen.

    China is the sole producer of rare metals in the world, that alone should send a strong message of what could happen.

    Not only that China actually is offering better deals to other countries for raw materials, Africa is almost all Chinese already, eastern Europe is infatuated with China since China doesn't want any forced measures to be done, soon some people will discover that they have nothing to bargain.

    Not that I like the Chinese, they will impose their on rules and have the potential to be more belligerent than the U.S. but right now they are the best commercial partner one could have since they don't enforce IP laws and don't ask for anything. They are just buying geo political power and that will be a problem to American companies in the near future.

    They probably will f#$% America sometime in the near future, when they don't need it anymore.

    Then I want to see those idiots that say IP is important.

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