Canadian Spammer Who Ignored US Judgment Discovers Canadian Courts Are Willing To Uphold US Rulings

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Earlier this year, we wrote about how Canadian spammer Adam Guerbuez had lost a lawsuit in the US brought by Facebook, alleging he spammed millions of accounts. He didn't just ignore the ruling; he gleefully mocked it on his own blog, playing up the huge amount ($873 million) the court awarded Facebook and referring to himself as the "$873 million man." Apparently, he didn't count on the news that a Canadian court would uphold the ruling and order him to pay. With some additional damages and the Canadian exchange rate, he apparently owes Facebook $1,068,928,721.46. I'm going to assume that this is more than he has -- though, I would imagine all of the photos on his blog highlighting himself living the good life probably won't help. In fact, now he's claiming that he's declared bankruptcy, so he's still not planning on paying. Again, all those photos on the site... might not look so good in bankruptcy court. That said, a billion dollar fine is a ridiculous amount for spam, no matter how annoying you believe spam might be.

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  1. identicon
    SuperSparky, 6 Oct 2010 @ 9:44am

    Actions have consequences

    I don't believe $1B is ridiculous. This guy knew the risks and consequences for his actions. He pushed it to the limit and beyond. He thumbed his nose at the law and made his own choices. His choice brought upon him the consequences for that choice.

    The moral to this is actions have consequences, even severe consequences.

    If you ran a factory, which employed workers based on your ability to collect a profit off of your products, and some jackass came into the middle of your factory and set up a booth selling ShamWows and other booths selling other junk, pasting flyers and stickers on your product's packaging, interrupting your workers, disrupting the manufacturing process by shutting off or moving machines, shoving security guards out of the way; AND their actions not only annoy you but your workers and your customers, even scaring some away, then don't you think that punishment should not only be for the interruptions, but also to prevent another jerk from doing that to some other company and their customers?

    No, have the jerk pay for his own facilities and advertising legitimately. No, he committed theft; theft of bandwidth and theft of customer list. He stole earned profit away from their legitimate customers.

    I say take everything away from him and only leave his underwear. He made that choice.

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