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Upcoming Comic Book By Law Professors Compares ACTA To 1984

from the have-fun-with-it dept

Thanks to James Boyle, I have a lovely paper copy of Bound by Law on my office bookshelf. It's a comic book/graphic novel put together by three law professors to explain the public domain and the importance of fair use. I knew they'd been working on a new graphic novel as well, and SF Gate recently revealed some details about the new comic, to be called Theft: A History of Music, and revealing a nice graphic image to give you an idea of what it's about, including a comparison between 1984 and ACTA (click through to see a much larger version):

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  1. icon
    packrat (profile), 8 Oct 2010 @ 4:31am

    acta, etc.

    another comic about copyright? Hot damn, they're FINALLY sinking to the right level.

    balanced copyright? Public domain? free speech?

    Buy the union label. public domain IS the web problem.
    free speech is a function of how much effort you want to put into it.

    --- clip from another email i shoulda forwarded here.---
    from we the radical types...
    A brief summary of copyright actions lately.

    a billion dollar spam award in quebec.

    well, well, well...

    1:the web: privacy, property and freedom of information.

    2:the politics: the evolution of property from monopoly to interest (rights to interest)

    3: the economy: the new corporate-interest (reg. capture) in action

    SO.. we the radical types are betting that spam gets to be a privileged-preserve of the elite, NOT a personal liberty,freedom or prerogative.

    With VERY selective entry requirements, both public, regulatory and ownership.

    The web was used to squash radical politics, open markets, and now is starting in on biz competition.... or personal freedoms?

    pat donovan

    PS: get real, e-people. Anyone who doesn't consider the current copyright issues
    to be applied death-by-redtape worm and papercuts is a loon.

    Have you even SEEN the idiocy stateside?


    by me it's almost ALL bad law.


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