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Upcoming Comic Book By Law Professors Compares ACTA To 1984

from the have-fun-with-it dept

Thanks to James Boyle, I have a lovely paper copy of Bound by Law on my office bookshelf. It's a comic book/graphic novel put together by three law professors to explain the public domain and the importance of fair use. I knew they'd been working on a new graphic novel as well, and SF Gate recently revealed some details about the new comic, to be called Theft: A History of Music, and revealing a nice graphic image to give you an idea of what it's about, including a comparison between 1984 and ACTA (click through to see a much larger version):

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  1. icon
    R. Miles (profile), 29 Sep 2010 @ 3:38am


    Here's a group talking about fair use and the first damn thing they do is throw out restrictive copyrights under "creative commons".

    Well, that certainly was a waste of my 3 minutes.

    Why are people under the impression creative commons is applicable under law?

    Stop trying to confuse people. CC does not replace copyright and the artist CAN NOT circumvent federal law.

    You can say people can create derivative works all you want, but this still doesn't mean people can do it.

    FIX the problem or don't bother trying.

    First step to fixing the problem: artists don't have "rights" to distribute. That's OUR role provided we value what you create. I get we don't get to earn money from it, but this "IT'S MINE!" attitude blows worse than the law.


    Why bother trying. Nothing's going to change.

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