European Parliament Approves Gallo Report: Opens The Door To More Bad IP Laws & Enforcement

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One of the issues that's been clear in covering the politics associated with intellectual property laws is that those in favor of ever more draconian laws have a lot more efforts going underway than it's possible to follow. Every single time people get focused on one aspect that's getting attention, something else is slipped through when no one is looking. We may have just seen that happen again. While people around the globe are now certainly concerned and worried about ACTA, not much attention was paid to the Gallo Report, a proposal for the European Parliament to support similarly draconian intellectual property enforcement, based on a series of highly questionable or debunked claims. You can read the report below, or see some of the concerns about it here.
Unfortunately, since the calls for attention on this document really only came out with a day's warning on the vote, it should not be surprising to find out that the Gallo report was approved by a vote of 328 to 245. This is disappointing for a European Parliament that had already hit back strongly against ACTA, when this document effectively opens the door to very similar ACTA-style problems.

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  1. identicon
    Josh Taylor, 22 Sep 2010 @ 10:05am

    This is will require in compliance to have surveillance cameras installed into residential homes to monitor people and/or families in case they do something illegal that is copyright infringement. For example, if a child copies a cartoon character of a TV using a piece of paper and a crayon, that child is violating ACTA, he/she and possibly the parents and maybe the entire family will be put in prison, because they're responsible.

    But what if ACTA were to be misused to arrest innocent people and/or families who dont have computers, laptops, iPods, cell phones, or any other devices that infringes copyright? You never know that your government might do that and they won't care if they mistakenly accuse families of copyright infringement even if they don't have any digital devices for piracy.

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