European Parliament Approves Gallo Report: Opens The Door To More Bad IP Laws & Enforcement

from the it-never-ever-stops dept

One of the issues that's been clear in covering the politics associated with intellectual property laws is that those in favor of ever more draconian laws have a lot more efforts going underway than it's possible to follow. Every single time people get focused on one aspect that's getting attention, something else is slipped through when no one is looking. We may have just seen that happen again. While people around the globe are now certainly concerned and worried about ACTA, not much attention was paid to the Gallo Report, a proposal for the European Parliament to support similarly draconian intellectual property enforcement, based on a series of highly questionable or debunked claims. You can read the report below, or see some of the concerns about it here.
Unfortunately, since the calls for attention on this document really only came out with a day's warning on the vote, it should not be surprising to find out that the Gallo report was approved by a vote of 328 to 245. This is disappointing for a European Parliament that had already hit back strongly against ACTA, when this document effectively opens the door to very similar ACTA-style problems.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Sep 2010 @ 8:04am


    Start 100 different petitions all over the place, if one petition does poorly another will do better. The petitions alone will get more people aware and hopefully interested in the subject so while early petitions may not pass, as people become more aware of the subject and sign on, later ones will. Keep trying everything possible and hope something works. Even if no one thing works initially, at least the act of trying will get politicians and the public more aware of the subject. Lets create a national anti copyright day dedicated to educating people about the absurd length of copyright law, the harm it causes society and our culture, the fact that no one has a natural right to a monopoly, and the fact that the founding fathers were very skeptical of such laws. We can have a national anti patent day too, lets separate them as much as possible. All these funky days do seem to get at least some attention.

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