(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

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Denial Of Service Attacks On RIAA & MPAA Are A Really Dumb Idea

from the come-on dept

There's an entertainment industry lawyer who once used his blog to suggest that I had an "army of hackers" at my disposal that I would order to send a denial of service attack against anyone I disagreed with. I thought that was pretty funny in how ridiculous a claim it was. Beyond the fact that I can barely get my dog to follow my instructions (and I feed her!), let alone anyone who reads this site, I think that denial of service attacks are a pretty dumb idea. It does nothing but piss off people and doesn't make any real point at all. So it's really disappointing to hear that the /b/ folks at 4chan decided to use this weekend to DDoS the MPAA and then the RIAA. The thing with /b/ is that even at their most crude and immature, they're usually creative in their attacks. There's nothing at all creative about taking down the MPAA and the RIAA -- and all it does is serve to reinforce their misguided prejudices that it's just a bunch unruly kids who dislike them. On top of that, it gives them more ammo to position themselves as being persecuted by a small minority. It's a dumb move that looks bad and does a lot more harm than good from a group that should know better.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Sep 2010 @ 7:39am

    Re: OR...

    I was thinking if they really wanted to make a difference they should DDOS a relevant govt website (maybe ohttp://www.copyright.gov/ ). Doing so at least directs the attack to the appropriate organization (the govt) and which site receives the attack somewhat serves the purpose of somewhat communicating what the attackers are mad about. For instance, attacking the USPTO website could serve the purpose of saying, "we don't like patents" or "we don't like our current patent laws." Attacking www.copyright.gov at least directs their anger against copyright law. Still, I think such an approach isn't the right one regardless. For one thing it doesn't express what is wrong with copyright law (perhaps they can place messages in the packets, messages that the MSM will merely ignore of course).

    At least these attacks show some level of organized protest, which is better than not being organized, but it's not exactly the approach I was hoping for. I want to see something more along the lines of a whole lot more people marching to congress and the white house and demanding that our legislators fix our laws. Or we need to find more creative ways to manage our govt and not let the corporations completely control it.

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