Football Helmet Maker Drives Competitor Into Bankruptcy With Patent Lawsuits

from the safety-is-less-important-than-monopolies dept

Danny alerts us to the story of how sporting goods maker Riddell was able to drive competitor Schutt Sports into bankruptcy thanks to patent lawsuits. Riddell first sued Schutt for patent infringement on its football helmet design, winning a $29 million jury award. Right afterwards, it sued Schutt again, this time for shoulder pad design. A week later, Schutt declared bankruptcy. Now I'm sure, some will be quick to claim that this is exactly what the patent system is designed to do, but it does seem pretty troubling that, especially when it comes to safety issues, we're allowing one company to have a total monopoly on a type of safety gear. What's wrong with actually competing in the market?

Filed Under: football, helmets, patents, safety
Companies: riddell, schutt sports

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  1. identicon
    Jose_X, 24 Sep 2010 @ 10:41am

    Re: Re:

    I also wanted to say, it's possible there is a cache failure somewhere between the server and your PC (eg, after you "refresh" the browser window).

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