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Google Sued For Nexus One Suckiness

from the people-sue-for-anything dept

Eric Goldman points us to the news that Google has been sued, in a class action lawsuit, over problems with the Nexus One, the Android phone (made by HTC) that Google released directly, in an attempt to get others to release better Android-powered phones. As with many new products, there were some bugs, and Google (and T-Mobile, on which the Nexus One worked) didn't quite know how to handle customer support for the device -- a pretty massive mistake. However, is it really against the law to sell a product with a few bugs and to to have really dismally crappy customer service? It seems like a stretch. You can make the argument that the product didn't do what was promised, but, like so many class action lawsuits, this one seems like a case of "gee, can we squeeze a bunch of money out of this company?"

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  1. identicon
    Michael, 13 Sep 2010 @ 6:43am

    Re: Market works how?

    First, find me a wireless product that delivers the advertised throughput and uptime?

    Now, since we do not actually have products that meet the advertised specs, another player in the market is competition - and that is the only thing that can fix the market at this point.

    The only real consumer protection is their ability to go elsewhere when a product is terrible. Enabling more competition is very consumer-friendly. If class action lawsuits can lay waste to companies that produce inferior products, all they will do is reduce the number of companies that are willing to risk producing a new product in the market.

    I say: "bring on the poor quality phones" because it is likely to produce lower price points on better phones as they try to compete. It is also likely to help build a strong young competitor (perhaps KIA can get into the phone business?).

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