Czech Proposal On Copyright Law Would Require Artists To Get Collection Society Approval To Use Creative Commons?

from the the-attack-on-creative-commons-continues dept

The various attacks on more free and open licensing options for artists continues. We've already detailed ASCAP's misguided attack on Creative Commons as some sort of attempt to undermine copyright, rather than simply a way to give copyright holders more options. And now, Slashdot points us to a report from ZeroPaid on a draft of a new copyright law in the Czech Republic, which seems like a direct frontal attack on alternative licensing schemes:
Under the draft text, anyone who wants to use a public license must report to a copyright collective administrator. The administrator would then review the work in question and the creator would have to prove that he or she has created that work in the first place. Then, and only then, can a creator legally use a public license of their choice.
Once again, it looks like the gatekeepers, despite their claims, aren't looking out for the best interests of content creators, but for the best interests of the gatekeepers.

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  1. icon
    Richard (profile), 29 Aug 2010 @ 7:49am

    Re: How simple is this !!

    So someone puts a work in the creative commons that is not their own original work. It belongs to someone else, who owns the copyright on that work.
    (with me so far).
    So now a copyrighted work is also in the CC, the owner of that copyrighted work find out about this, and makes a copyright claim on that work.
    Its a popular work (in his little country) and it makes him a huge amount of money.
    So the court rules in his favor, the CC is required to pay damages of 100 million dollars.

    OK . I take a someone else's copyrighted work and "assign" the copyright to you. The third party then sues and you are bankrupt.
    Pretty stupid isn't it - but then it's exactly what you said.
    Really Darryl you have surpassed yourself this time. The inaccuracy and foolishness of your comment is beyond belief.

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