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Take Two Told To Take A Hike In Its Attempt To Get

from the late-to-the-game dept

It often seems like big companies tend to win domain dispute rulings over companies that just squat on various domains -- and perhaps that makes sense. So it's a bit of a surprise to find out that Take-Two Interactive has lost its bid to get the domain name, which is currently held by a company that owns hundreds of thousands of domains, Name Administration. The problem? The domain was registered a year before Take-Two filed to register a trademark over Bioshock, for the video game series. Name Administration noted, in its defense, that "bioshock" is not a term that's exclusive to Take-Two, and the arbitration board found no evidence of "bad faith" in using the name.

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    Chronno S. Trigger (profile), 26 Aug 2010 @ 6:32am


    It's unethical, not illegal. The same exact thing happens in real life all the time. People buy up large areas of land cheap, do nothing with it, and sell it off at inflated prices when someone else wants to develop there. In a stretch, the stock market could be said to be the same thing. People buy up stocks cheap and sell at an inflated price when others want it.

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