Proposed German Law Says Employers Can't Review Applicants On Facebook... But Googling Them Is Fine

from the and-when-Google-leads-to-Facebook? dept

Ah, the bizarre laws politicians think up. There has been plenty of concern these days about your "online permanent record," and it's no secret that plenty of prospective employers check out applicants' online presence in reviewing their candidacy for jobs. However, a newly proposed law in Germany will apparently bar employers from checking out non-career focused social networking sites as part of reviewing a candidate, but they can still search on Google. The details:
Although the new law will reportedly prevent potential bosses from checking out a candidate's Facebook page, it will allow them to look at sites that are expressly intended to help people sell themselves to future employers, such as the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn. Information about the candidate that is generally available on the Internet is also fair game. In other words, employers are allowed to google potential hires. Companies may not be allowed to use information if it is too old or if the candidate has no control over it, however.
This sounds like politicians overreacting to a specific complaint ("oh my! companies will look at my drunken antics on Facebook!") and coming up with a law that makes no sense at all.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 25 Aug 2010 @ 3:03pm

    People propose a lot of crazy laws and I always think they just try because there is no downside in trying to make crazy laws except maybe bad publicity and loss of respect, but being politicians they don't have either anyways so what the heck.

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