Japanese Band Sells Hawaiian Vacation With The Band

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Perhaps other bands have done this in the past, but I just found out about a band from Japan (who, believe it or not, I've seen perform live), The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (better known as Skapara), that is offering its fans a one-week Hawaiian trip with the band, including a plane ticket from Tokyo, a week with the band in Hawaii, including a private acoustic show on a cruise. The whole thing runs about $2,200, which doesn't seem too crazy if you're a huge fan of the band and want a trip to Hawaii (from Japan). And this is a band with a pretty big following (i.e., has sold out stadiums in Japan).

We've pointed out before that selling "access" to musicians is an excellent scarcity to sell, and with one recent study having 19% of respondents agree to the hyperbolic statement that they would pay anything to meet their favorite music stars, this seems like a business model that could be explored more. And, before people start claiming that we're now saying "the business model is to take vacations with your fans," just like we keep getting people falsely accuse us of saying the business model is to play mini-golf with fans, that's not what we're saying at all. We're just suggesting that bands explore ways in which access can work as a scarcity. It might not work for all acts, but it is an area that some might want to explore.

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    Auditrix (profile), 9 Sep 2010 @ 3:03pm

    Sounds like a great idea... for elite music fans and musicians who want to be pimped out to the highest bidder

    In the '90s, when I had a Diamond Rio (lol!), I was convinced that recorded music was on its way to becoming free through the celestial jukebox, and that the much older system of patrons supporting musicians would once again become conventional.

    Maybe I don't need to go into this much detail, but I thought this because, as we duplicate and share files, the less valuable those files become, but what will increase in value is whatever remains that is scarce: The genuine experiences of being part of a live concert, meeting your rock idol (or whoever you are a fan of) and all the sex, drugs and other experiences that go along with it. For this, I thought people would be willing to pay a premium and we would continue to have a music industry, but one that was elitist because it would generate more revenues from private performances for rich people than from data files that would be freely supplied to the public.

    However, the past 15 or 20 years have not unfolded quite as I predicted. I am still waiting for the celestial jukebox and, despite unprecedented consolidation of concert promoters and 360-deals in which labels have a greater interest in supporting artist tours, the live concert industry outlook has never looked worse in my life.

    Further, when I hear of news items like this, I know it can't work. I know this because I know brilliant musicians and few brilliant musicians can be expected to do more than be brilliant and musical.

    Sending brilliant artists on a path without a record label to support them results in almost zero chance of breaking through, and sending them to spend intimate time with their fans for 1 week, as in this case, is like asking them to become a prostitute as well as a musician.

    Maybe there are a few brilliant musicians who can do it all, but I think we need to recognize the value of brilliant music and pay our brilliant musicians to make brilliant music and not pimp them out to the highest bidding Hawaiian vacationer.

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