Japanese Band Sells Hawaiian Vacation With The Band

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Perhaps other bands have done this in the past, but I just found out about a band from Japan (who, believe it or not, I've seen perform live), The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (better known as Skapara), that is offering its fans a one-week Hawaiian trip with the band, including a plane ticket from Tokyo, a week with the band in Hawaii, including a private acoustic show on a cruise. The whole thing runs about $2,200, which doesn't seem too crazy if you're a huge fan of the band and want a trip to Hawaii (from Japan). And this is a band with a pretty big following (i.e., has sold out stadiums in Japan).

We've pointed out before that selling "access" to musicians is an excellent scarcity to sell, and with one recent study having 19% of respondents agree to the hyperbolic statement that they would pay anything to meet their favorite music stars, this seems like a business model that could be explored more. And, before people start claiming that we're now saying "the business model is to take vacations with your fans," just like we keep getting people falsely accuse us of saying the business model is to play mini-golf with fans, that's not what we're saying at all. We're just suggesting that bands explore ways in which access can work as a scarcity. It might not work for all acts, but it is an area that some might want to explore.

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    Suzanne Lainson (profile), 10 Sep 2010 @ 10:49pm

    A number of bands have done this

    There are quite a few music-themed cruises. Some are specifically built around a particular band or artist and others are built around a music genre.

    Sixthman specializes in producing them. They currently have 11 cruises listed. They are essentially floating music festivals.

    String Cheese Incident had enough fans following them around to various events that that the band and its management company formed a travel agency to help their fans made travel arrangements.

    Roger Clyne and his band have two annual parties in at a location in Mexico. Thousands of fans go for the weekend.

    I've looked into doing something like this with an artist I've worked with. We think it would be fun, but one of the things I've pondered is whether it is a good idea to have an event which is much more expensive than a show and where a good chunk of the money will go to airlines and hotels rather than the artist. Is it a good idea for a fan to spend $500 on this event and the artist doesn't get most of it? Or does it make more sense to offer shows and merchandise that don't tap out the fans and give a bigger margin to the artist?

    On a smaller scale, I know bands that either own a bus or rent a bus to provide transportation to and from a show. A traveling party. Of course, there is the liability issue. The band I knew that owned its own bus didn't bother with insurance, and for that matter, didn't bother with a lot of stuff. It was pretty much a free-for-all. Ride at your own risk.

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