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Did Korean Officials Really Need To Raid Google Offices Over Street View WiFi Sniffing?

from the seems-a-bit-extreme dept

It's been a few months since Google admitted that its Street View vehicles were collecting some data from open WiFi networks. Those familiar with the basic technology involved have explained why this was almost certainly an accident, and there's no evidence whatsoever that anything was even done with the data. However, there have been a whole bunch of lawsuits filed, and it's difficult to find a government that hasn't said they'd investigate the issue.

To date, it seems that Google has bent over backwards to work with every government investigating this issue, no matter how varied their requests were on the matter. So far, the UK's investigation has found that the WiFi sniffing didn't appear to collect any sensitive data, though others are still investigating. More recently, Google agreed to allow Germans to opt-out of Street View.

Given Google's clear willingness to help out, it seems a bit odd that South Korean officials -- many months after the news of this came out -- suddenly decided to raid Google's Korean offices over this matter:
A police statement said they suspected Google has been collecting and storing data on "unspecified internet users from wi-fi networks"
Brilliant police work there, guys. It only took you three months to "suspect" what Google admitted in May.

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  1. icon
    interval (profile), 12 Aug 2010 @ 8:45am

    Re: Re: Yes, they *did* need to.

    @martyburns: "I think the point was that a raid was unnecessary. Usually you raid someone to gain the element of surprise."

    Yes. Its as though the cops bashed down the door while the proprietors were opening the door for the cops.

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