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Comcast And Blockbuster Team Up To Make Us Wonder Why They've Teamed Up

from the hey,-Comcast,-you-have-a-fat-pipe dept

It seems like Comcast is a bit confused about the technology that it offers to its customers, which involves a generally fat broadband pipe to users, through which they can access all sorts of content, including on demand videos. So, you might think that if Comcast were to team up with a company like Netflix or Blockbuster, it would be to deliver streaming content. Nope. Apparently Comcast has done a deal with Blockbuster to deliver DVDs by mail. That's literally what the two companies are calling the product: "DVDsByMail." It's not like this hasn't been done for ages by both Netflix and Blockbuster. It's not clear what Comcast brings to the table here other than the "um... why?" factor it adds by wondering why Comcast is involved in something that doesn't involved delivering content over its own network, but using the US Postal Service's "network" instead.

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  1. identicon
    AW, 9 Aug 2010 @ 8:28pm

    Re: This might be a little off-topic

    Seriously why the kiwi's always getting the shaft. You're some of the coolest people on Earth and apparently we only send movies to you by ocean barge.

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